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Universal-Bandskimmer 2000

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        Designed to solve your problems and make short work of converting water-miscible cooling lubricants contaminated by external oil back into a clean, durable and full-value product.


    Our newly developed Universal Skimmer 2000 enables you to cut costs and increase machine running times while providing you with the further advantages of:


Considerably reducing the disposal costs

Extending the service life of your water-miscible cooling lubricant

Extending the service life of your tools

Preventing heavy deposits in your machine tools

Improving the cooling action of your emulsion

Fewer skin ailments

Longer service life for your machines

No unpleasant smells at the work place


Patented in Germany and abroad


We seek sales and service agents with experience in this market for France, Sweden, Swiss, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy and Netherlands.

Please contact the webmaster@a-ullmann.de




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